This web page has links to 'photos of Chris and Rach's trip around Oz, during May, June and July 2004.
The site was created and updated on the fly whilst travelling using Fuji S7000 and Olympus Mju 410 digital cameras and internet cafe's, burning backup CD's of our pictures as we travelled.
We also travelled with a number of film cameras and hope to display some of the images soon. A list of processing labs and camera shops that we used can be found here

There are over 400 pics on Pom Down Under, enjoy!

Every story has a beginning

Sydney's a long long way from home

More Sydney...


Sydney to Melbourne

And back again

Blue Mountains

Life's a beach

Heading North

Calling on friends

Island Life

Totally Tropical

Doing Swimmingly Thanks

Great Barrier Reef

Finding Nemo

Cairns to Perth


1000km North

Shark Bay

Coral Bay

Ningaloo Reef

More Fish than you can shake a Camera at

Best of the West

The Indian Pacific

Last days in Sydney


Just boids...

More boids...

Boids being boids

Watch the Birdy

Two legs to eight legs

Steve Irwin's Place

Meeting the locals...

A Bugs Life

Things that go bump in the night



Mood Shots


One for Dave ...in fact several for Dave!

One for Hazel and Lucy!

Species List

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